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    [Webinar Wrap-Up] How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018


      In case you missed it (or if you want to see it again!), here are the slides and video from our recent webinar with Ivy B. Grey and Dennis Dimka: How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018.
      This webinar is chock-full of great information on paperless processes and technology to help you move to a paperless law office.

      How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018 from Rocket Matter, LLC

      How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018 from Rocket Matter on Vimeo.

      Originally recorded on December 13, 2017
      Ivy B. Grey is the author of American Legal Style for PerfectIt, which is a proofreading and editing program for lawyers that runs inside of MS Word. It adds polish, reduces frustration, and saves non-billable time. Ivy believes that part of going paperless starts with using less paper, which can be done by reducing rounds of editing hard copies. PerfectIt helps with that. A paperless lawyer herself, Ivy recently published a whitepaper on paperless naming conventions. She is also a Senior Lawyer at Griffin Hamersky LLP.
      Dennis Dimka is the founder and CEO of Uptime Legal Systems, North America’s leading provider of technology, cloud, and marketing services to law firms. He started Uptime as a general-practice IT service provider in 2005. During Uptime’s first decade, Dennis grew the company from a geographic-generalist to a national specialist, honing its focus to nationwide cloud services for law firms. Dennis is the author of Law Office in the Cloud: How and Why to Move your Law Firm to the Cloud, The Law Firm Cybersecurity Survival Guide. He was also an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 finalist.
      Nefra MacDonald is the Business Development and Strategic Partnership Coordinator at Rocket Matter. After working in various capacities at law firms, corporations, and non-profits, she decided to use her experience to help address the pain points that practicing lawyers feel every day. Nefra currently co-chairs Rocket Matter’s Product Advisory Committee, which serves as a source of targeted feedback for the company’s product improvement strategy.

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