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    [Webinar] How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm


      Plan on moving from a PC to a Mac-based law firm? Or, already made the switch but looking to optimize your firm’s use of the Apple platform?

      Join us for 30 minutes chock full of useful information as we explore the 10 pillars of running a secure, productive Mac-based law firm.

      When: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EST
      Presenter: Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT

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      The 10 Pillars:

      1. Hardware – Computers and mobile devices and the “cost of slow”
      2. Software – Office, Document Editor, and more
      3. Backup – Local, offsite, and the role of encryption
      4. Email – Best in class options and the importance of an archiving solution
      5. Security & Network – Routers, firewalls, multiple layers, security profiles, passwords, and FileVault
      6. Mobile Device Management – Crafting a policy, importance and role of MDM
      7. Case Management – Using a practice and case management system
      8. File management – The Process for storing data. Dropbox, Box, and other options
      9. Servers – Scenarios that require them and solution to get rid of them
      10. Legacy items – What to do with the archival data on the PC Server

      About the Speaker:
      Tom Lambotte is CEO of GlobalMacIT, a company specializing in providing IT support to Mac-based law firms. Tom is the author of “Hassle Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms” and “Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation.” He is a popular speaker at national events such as ABA TECHSHOW and MILOfest, a Mac Lovin’ Lawyers Event.

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