Webinar Recording: Reinventing Your Law Practice In The Recovery with Ari Kaplan

by rocketmatter-admin August 29, 2011

Last month our webinar listeners were entertained and enlighted with guest Ari Kaplan, Esq., author of the newly released Reinventing Professional Services – Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace. Ari led a great, thought provoking discussion called Reinventing Your Law Practice In The Recovery that’s worth checking out.

If you missed it, we recorded the webinar – you can listen to 15 minutes of goodies free of charge here via our podcast. The entire recording will be available soon.

In this recording, you’ll learn:
* Strategic cost-effective suggestions for transforming your practice.
* Innovative tips for enhancing your work productivity and job satisfaction.
* Utilizing social media to be in the know and to be known.

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