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    [Webinar Wrap-Up] Protecting Your Law Firm Data


      Here’s the slide deck from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Cybersecurity: How To Protect Your Law Firm Data – with Jenn Topper.

      And, here’s a summary that Jenn provided after the presentation:

      Today’s law firms are far behind the curve on protecting client data as well as their own data. In the absence of legal standards, firms are not compelled to adhere to improved security or documented internal protocols, leaving data increasingly vulnerable to information compromises. Such compromises can be extraordinarily damaging both in the courts and in the face of public/client opinion. Lawyers can champion a culture of security by adopting simple tactics and moving the firm forward to secure data and improve the security posture. Moreover, these initiatives will improve client trust and serve as a strong marketing asset, as the firm builds its planning and investment in security.

      Missed the webinar? Check out the recording: Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data.

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