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    [Webinar Wrap-Up] Law Firm Leadership and Team Building


      Here’s the video from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: How to Develop the Right Team and Leadership to Grow Your Firm – with Erik Broel.

      Erik Broel shares what made him and other members of his firm improve as leaders, including what to avoid, what worked, and how to build effective teams. He identifies guideposts in the relationship: from recruiting, onboarding, and training, to growing the firm and leading the team.

      Erik embraces a positive, aspirational type of system of growing people into A-Team players.

      Recruiting – Identify what you want prospective employee to do. Define their role. It starts with an organizational chart that identifies all of the positions at the firm and classifies what each position is to supposed to do.

      Organizational charts include departments such as the typical four for a small firm: Legal (attorneys and paralegals), Finance (bookkeeper, business manager), Sales and Marketing (marketing coordinator, sales assistant) , and Operations (administrative assistants, receptionists, etc). Define each position in a sentence or two which makes creating a one-page job description a lot easier. Remember to identify by position and not person since in smaller firms the same person may occupy several positions.

      Watch the video for more on onboarding and training, growing your firm and effectively leading your team.

      Webinar outline: Law Firm Leadership & Team Building

      Additional resources mentioned in the webinar and provided by Erik: – Outstanding organization that provides outside CEO, COO, and CFO services to law firms. I originally learned many of the things I discuss on the webinar from them. If you are serious about growing your firm, you absolutely must have a conversation with them about making the growth simple and avoiding costly mistakes.

      Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Vern Harnish – Incredible book for fast growing firms. The chapter on using meeting rhythm to keep the team in sync is fantastic. This is a must-have book in the collection of the leader of every fast growth company.

      The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell – Great book that looks at leadership from a different lens and provides actionable steps to continually improve leadership ability.

      Check out Rocket Academy for more videos on Law Practice Management, Marketing, and Productivity.

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