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    [Webinar Wrap-Up] Law Firm Marketing: How Social Media Impacts SEO


      Here’s the slide deck from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Law Firm Marketing: The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media, with Guy Alvarez.

      The webinar recording is available on Rocket Academy.

      Meanwhile, check out these six tips that Guy provided for using social media to enhance your SEO:

      • Make your content super shareable. Work on producing valuable content that people will want to share on their social networks. Start by sharing it on a regular schedule via your social profiles, and make sure to be a good community member by sharing other influencer content in return.
      • Take advantage of the new partnership between Google and Twitter. Google’s search results are more likely to include tweets for better real-time news, especially those with hashtags that are trending or newsworthy, or those that are already highly popular on Twitter.
      • Use hashtags to make your content discoverable. Keywords are to SEO what Hashtags are to social media. Make sure you are using hashtags consistently to categorize your content. The easier it is for your content to be found, the higher the search engine results.
      • Grow your followers but focus on quality versus quantity. You want followers that are engaged, find your content to be valuable and share your content consistently with their networks. It takes time to grow your followers organically but it is worth it from an SEO perspective.
      • Social networks re the new search engines. More and more people go to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to search end discover content. Remember this and make sure that your social media properties are search optimized for each individual social network.
      • Don’t forget about local. Geo-target your social media posts to grow your local SEO. Become a guest blogger on community or local sites and directories. Engage with local newspapers and reporters through social media

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