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    [Webinar Wrap-Up] Mobile Lawyering: Optimize and Secure Your iOS Devices


      There are no slides for this wrap-up. Instead, Terry Jarrell did an awesome job telling us and well as showing us how to secure and optimize our iPhones and iPads, along with tips on useful productivity and security apps. Below the video, you’ll also find a few highlights of the presentation graciously provided to us by Terry.

      Webinar Summary Notes

      Your iPad and iPhone live in an ever changing world. They are constantly connecting to different networks, installing and using different apps and services and many other factors can leave you exposed to data loss or other intrusion. This webinar highlights some ways to streamline and manage your iOS device use as well as introduces some popular apps and services to enhance your productivity and security.


      General > About

      • Device’s storage capacity and available space
      • Version of iOS currently installed
      • Serial number

      Software Update

      • Quickly check to see if your version of iOS is up to date and update if necessary
      • Storage & iCloud Usage
      • Manage space on your iPad as well as your iCloud account here. Quickly delete unnecessary items to free up more room when running low.


      • Reset Network setting to resolve common connectivity issues
      • Erase All Content and Settings before selling or giving old iPad or iPhone away. This restores it to a fresh set up state.


      • Enable or disable your desired services
      • Backup your iPad and/or iPhone to your iCloud account
      • Enable Find My iPad/iPhone to track, lock or erase a lost or stolen device
      • Manage account settings and purchase more storage space on iCloud as needed



      • Explore Virtual Private Network options to secure your online activity from your iPad or iPhone.
      • There are many VPN options available, such as Express VPN.
      • Looks for unlimited bandwidth and high speed in a VPN product for best performance

      Data Encryption

      • Boxcryptor allows you to encrypt your files locally on your device BEFORE uploading them to cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud and others. Boxcryptor works with all major cloud storage services for an easy solution to add an additional layer of security and control of your files.


      • Microsoft Word and Excel are excellent choices for mobile devices, particularly iPad. Industry standard compatibility ensures maximum productivity.
      • PDF Expert is a leading app for managing PDFs as well as annotating, signing, filling out forms and many other PDF related tasks. A must have for those working with PDF files regularly.
      • Scanner Pro turns your iPad and iPhone camera into a mobile scanner. Quickly snap a picture of your document with Scanner Pro then save, email or even fax it right from your mobile device.
      • Notability offers an easy to use note taking app allowing you to take notes however you like. Type, write and draw freehand with Apple Pencil or other stylus, highlight and even record ambient audio while you are taking notes in a meeting.

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