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    Wednesday Wisdom: 5 Reasons to Synch Your DropBox to Rocket Matter


      Synching your DropBox account with Rocket Matter is a simple and powerful tool for increasing productivity. This week, we will take a look at some of the biggest benefits to integrating your DropBox account with your Rocket Matter.

      1. The first reason to synch is increased accessibility. Your DropBox documents will now be accessible anywhere you can access Rocket Matter. The DropBox synch will enable you to pull up your documents, through Rocket Matter, on your PC, iPad, iPhone or Droid. DropBox will simply appear as a blue folder in your matter documents section, as illustrated below.

      2. Rocket Matter gives you the ability to add your DropBox folders directly to the documents section of your matters. This will keep the contents of your folder in one safe, secure and easy to access location. You can do this for all the matters you have folders for.

      3. Synching your DropBox account gives you the ability to upload more than one document at a time to Rocket Matter. All you need to do is save them in DropBox and they will automatically appear in Rocket Matter.

      4. If you change your document on your computer and save to DropBox, the change will automatically appear in Rocket Matter. There is no need for revising or editing in Rocket Matter.

      5. Finally, through DropBox, you are able to give your clients access to applicable folders by sharing them. So, not only are you able to access all your documents through Rocket Matter, but you can give your clients access to them without giving them any access to your Rocket Matter account.

      Rocket Matter and DropBox make a powerful document management combination. Not currently using Rocket Matter? Sign up here for a risk-free 30Day trial. Need some more information? Sign up here for one of our online Rocket Matter demonstrations. There’s no better way to learn about increasing your billing and productivity using Rocket Matter!

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