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    Wednesday Wisdom: 5 Tips On Getting Started with Rocket Matter


      Welcome to our brand-new Wednesday Wisdom series, where you can expect to find Rocket Matter tips and tricks to maximize your legal practice management experience. To start things off, 5 Tips for our newbies:

      1. Bookmark your full Rocket Matter URL on your browser. This URL will include your Rocket Matter company name and will bring you straight to your login portal. An example would be: (on the iPhone and iPad you can create a cool Rocket Matter home screen button – check out our video here).

      2. Import your current calendar from Outlook, ICal or Google. The import tool can be accessed easily by clicking on the Admin tab at the top of your user dashboard, then clicking on ‘Calendar Events’ on that page to begin your upload. Watch our instructional video.

      3. Import your contacts from Gmail, Address Book (Mac), or Outlook. You will also find this feature by clicking on the Admin tab at the top of your user dashboard. Next, simply click on Contacts to begin your import upload.

      4. Review your firm’s calendar in Rocket Matter, once everyone has imported their calendar information. Viewing the new consolidated calendar in Rocket Matter will help you see how easily and effectively you can manage your entire firm’s calendar in real time. Check our FAQ to see how.

      5. Create an experimental matter from your user dashboard. Simply click ‘Add Matter’ from your user dashboard. Next, enter an experimental client and matter name. Play around with setting matter-specific rates in Rocket Matter and run a sample invoice!

      Congratulations! You now have iPad legal software, Mac legal software, Droid legal software, and really, anything legal software (with an Internet connection, that is).

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