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    Wednesday Wisdom: Access Permissions Allow For High Grade Security


      One of Rocket Matter’s top priorities is the security of your account and data. To give you control over the security of the account internally, we have developed individual access permissions for each user. When choosing a software to run a law firm these are high priorities.
      There are actually five user permissions that can be enabled from the edit user page. Four of these permissions are associated with the user’s access to features and data, and the fifth is related to receiving subscription information and announcements from Rocket Matter.
      To set or check the access permissions for a user, you will navigate to the admin section and select ‘Manage Users’.
      5-12-14 ww4
      The edit user page presents an administrative user with all the possible access permissions that may be enabled. 

      5-12-14 ww5

      Permissions are broken up into two categories: Practice Management and Billing. Practice management permissions are related to general access to the system. Regular access provides the user the ability to view the user dashboard, all contacts and matters. Administrative access provides the user access to all parts of the admin section, and control over other users’ permissions, email addresses, and passwords.

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      Billing access is related to the visibility of balances and access to ledgers and billing data. Billing dashboard access provides the user visibility of the overall firm trust balance, and pending invoicing amount. This also gives the user access to the billing dashboard which lists all invoices processed and provides access to other billing reports. Showing all client and matter ledgers displays the trust account and matter balances for the user. This also enabled the ability to view the trust and matter ledgers and make edits and deletions.

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      The last permission notifies the user of payment issues with the Rocket Matter subscription, and will send the user any updates Rocket Matter announces.

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      It is important to set each of these permissions carefully when adding a new user or editing a current user. Access permissions will ensure the security of the account and the data with in it.

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