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    Wednesday Wisdom: Adding a Logo to Your Firm’s Invoices


      Adding your firm’s logo image to your existing invoice is an important step in customizing your template. An invoice with your firm’s official logo is more visually appealing and professional looking.

      Your invoice is an extension of your firm. You use your logo on your business cards and letterhead, so why not include it on your client’s invoices? Adding your logo to your existing invoice in Rocket Matter is easy. Here are a few simple tips:

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      1. Bring up your existing template in Word 2003, 2007, or 2010.

      2. Copy and paste your firm’s logo above the name and address fields on the invoice. Make sure that the file size does not exceed 100k, as it may effect the batch billing process.

      3. Click on Admin at the top of your user dashboard, followed by Custom Invoice Template.

      4. Here you will hit Choose File and upload the saved Word file directly.

      5. Your new invoice, with logo, will now be live in Rocket Matter. You can test this by creating a pre-bill and opening the contents of the resulting zip file to examine.

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      6. If you need to change the firm’s address or add a phone/fax number, you can do so in the Firm Contact Record. The changes you make to your own contact information will surface at the top of your newly revised invoice.

      The appearance of your invoice is one of the most important considerations when it comes to billing. With Rocket Matter, you can always make and save changes to your invoices on the fly. Creatively tailoring your invoices helps differentiate your small firm and gives you the ability to create billing statements that look just like those of much larger firms.

      For more on customizing your invoices and much more, check out our upcoming training schedule and book a session today! Helping you get the most out of Rocket Matter is what we are here for. Don’t forget to contact our friendly, professional support team from 9am-6pm EST, at 888-432-1LAW if you have any questions about billing with Rocket Matter.

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