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    Wednesday Wisdom: Adding Custom Fields To A Specific Matter


      Rocket Matter gives you the ability to create unlimited custom fields that contain valuable contact and matter data. Creating new custom fields is quick and easy. This week, we’ll examine creating custom fields  for a specific matter. Suppose, for example, you want to assign a referral contact for one matter only.

      1. Navigate to the matter dashboard.

      2. Click Edit Contacts & Related Data. This can be found underneath the Tags section, at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

      3. Click on Add Another.

      4. Define the label and value and enter those directly in the corresponding blank fields. Hit OK.

      Get creative here! You can enter practically anything you need in these fields. Once you’ve added your new information, it will be visible in the matter under the Related Contacts & Data section and available to be utilized in our document assembly feature.
      Next week, we’ll examine adding global custom fields that will be available in all your matters and all your contacts!

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