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    Wednesday Wisdom: Adding Payments to Your Invoices


      Rocket Matter makes it easy for you to add one large payment to be dispersed amongst the unpaid invoices for each matter, saving you time every inch of the way!
      Here’s how to start recording those payments:
      1. From the matter dashboard, click on ‘Add Payment’ in the navigation panel.

      2. Select the option to ‘Pay Invoices.’

      3. Enter in the full amount of the total payment received from your client and description for the payments. As well, you can select the date that you would like to show the payment recorded on.

      4. You will see that the full payment is dispersed amongst all outstanding invoices. You can uncheck whichever invoices you would choose to not apply the payment towards, as well as edit the amount of the full payment that is applied to each invoice separately.

      Once you have the correct amounts applied to each invoice, simply click ‘Record Payment’ to show the full payment as recorded towards any outstanding invoices.
      It’s that simple! Adding payments with Rocket Matter will save you time and make sure no outstanding invoice is forgotten!
      For any additional resources, please feel free to visit our payment FAQ page.
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