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    Wednesday Wisdom: An Introduction to Your Billing Dashboard


      Rocket Matter is a powerful and efficient billing machine for your practice. Our software allows you to capture time as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can bill from many different sections in Rocket Matter with just a few clicks of your mouse. There is no more guess work when it comes to capturing time and expenses in one central location.

      To go there, simply click View Billing Dashboard, in the Firm Billing section, on the right hand side of your user dashboard screen.

      Your Billing Dashboard is the heart of this unparalleled billing versatility. The first quick view on your billing dashboard is a summary of all monies currently held in trust, as seen below. Rocket Matter makes it easy for you to manage your trust accounting.

      Next, you will find your Receivables section, pictured below. Here, you will be able to view all your fees, across all matters, that currently need to be invoiced. You’ll also be able to see a snapshot of your firm’s current accounts receivables, post payments to client ledgers and see what the firm has been paid in the date range you reference.

      Using your Billing Dashboard to summarize all of your firm’s billing and receivables is a quick way to get a handle on your cash flow. Rocket Matter makes billing a snap and increasing your productivity is what we’re all about!

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