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    Wednesday Wisdom: Batch Billing Made Easy with Rocket Matter


      Rocket Matter users enjoy billing versatility that allows you to process invoices simultaneously, for all your open matters, using our convenient batch billing feature. To get started quickly, just follow these steps:

      1. Click on Pending Invoices, at the bottom right of your user dashboard. Fill in the information fields at the top of the page, as needed for the batching process. You can select a date range, total amount owed, which firms owe more than a specified amount, and whether to invoice for total or current charges only
      2. Click on Get Answer to gather the information needed. This will show the matter name, current and total charges due.
      3. Click on Invoice or Pre-bill. Pre-bills will enable you to proof the invoices for accuracy, prior to actual billing.
      4. Click Process Invoices on the right hand side of the screen. You can select the format for delivery, including word and pdf.
      5. Click on the blue invoices link in order to open up your batch. You will now be able to open and view all your invoices.

      Rocket Matter billing versatility is unmatched. Click here to sign up for your risk-free 30 day trial today!

      Want more information about Rocket Matter? Sign up here to attend one of our free, live training demonstrations at your convenience!

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