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    Wednesday Wisdom: 7 Easy Ways to Bill Throughout Your Day with Rocket Matter


      Rocket Matter offers you the ability to capture your billing revenue accurately and efficiently from the office or on the go. This week, we’ll focus on 7 ways to easily capture, track and itemize your billable time and expenses in Rocket Matter.

      1. Create an event from your current matter dashboard. Click on Create Event on the right side of your screen. From here, simply fill in the event description box at the top, followed by the time information below, and check the bill box at the bottom of your screen.

      2. Bill from a specific task. Click View Matter Tasks from your matter dashboard. Next, choose a specific task or add a new one. Click on the Green Dollar Sign and you will see a pop-up window for adding time.

      3. Bill from the timer. Click on Timer, which is located in the top right side of both your user and matter dashboard. The pop-up will allow you to bill time and assign to a matter.

      4. Bill from a phone message. Click on Messages, which is also located on the top right side of your user and matter dashboard. Simply open a message and locate the timer at the bottom. This will also add time directly to the matter.

      5. Bill directly from the matter dashboard by clicking Bill Expense or Time in the firm billing section. This screen will allow you to enter a description of the charge and bill for time, costs or expenses.

      6. Add a new document by clicking Add A Document on the right side of your screen. The document can be uploaded as a file or web link and billable time assessed directly from this screen.

      7. Create a new note by clicking Create Note, also located in the Matter Documents section at the right. This screen will allow you to create a titled note regarding the matter and bill for your time as well. Once you hit save, the new note will be included in your billing.

      Rocket Matter is as versatile to use as it easy. For more help with billing and everything else Rocket Matter, check out our great FAQ page!

      Click here to Sign Up for a risk-free 30-day trial of Rocket Matter and come onboard today!

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