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    Wednesday Wisdom: Capturing Time In a Flat Fee Matter


      Capturing time in Rocket Matter is quick and easy. For hourly billers, capturing time accurately is absolutely essential. Suppose, however, you need to capture time for one or more of your flat fee matters? You can do that seamlessly by following these steps:
      1. Navigate to the particular matter dashboard. To create a new matter, click add matter on the top right of the screen.
      2. Click the pencil logo to edit the matter information. If the matter is new, you will be taken directly to the edit matter screen after naming it.

      3. Click on I Want To Set Custom Rates. Change the default hourly rate to zero.

      From this point on, you can capture time from all the usual places in Rocket Matter, but you will not add to the pending invoicing total.
      If this is the type of matter that could possibly change back to hourly, this is still possible by going back to the edit matter screen at any point and changing back to hourly billing and re-setting the appropriate hourly rate.
      For more information on adding and managing your matters, check out our FAQ page.

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