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    Wednesday Wisdom: Conflict Screening with Rocket Matter


      Managing your contacts in Rocket Matter is easy and it gives you a powerful tool to use when checking for conflict among your resources. This feature allows you to screen your contacts before and after adding them to a certain matter. The contact records give you the information you need to consider things like case load, relationships and company information.

      Let’s suppose you would like Sally Jones, one of your firm’s attorneys, to work on one of your new matters, the Yellow Matter. Before you commit her to the Yellow Matter, you might want  to review her contact record. Here you will see all the matters she is currently working on, her current work relationships and company information.  From this information, you can decide whether Sally is actually a good fit for Yellow Matter.

      1. Click on View Contacts at the right hand side of your user dashboard. Click on the contact’s name and you will now be in that individual’s contact record. You will be able to view all the matters, individuals and the company they are currently associated with.

      2. If the contact is not already associated with the matter and you’ve screened for any potential conflict, you can easily add them to the matter. Click on Edit Relationships on the bottom right side of the matter dashboard page. Click on Add Another, enter the information and save the new contact. This person is now associated with this new matter.

      3. Once you return to the matter dashboard, you will see a listing of all contacts that are currently related to this matter at the bottom right side of the page. This is a helpful snapshot for tracking down all those individuals who are working on a specific matter, especially in larger firms.

      Managing your contacts in Rocket Matter enables you to see all their information at a glance. You can view company association, matters they are currently associated with, and related contacts. This information allows you to screen for conflicts more easily and efficiently.

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