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    Wednesday Wisdom: Create Rocket Matter ‘Matters’ for Other Projects


      Guess what: the matters in Rocket Matter are, in reality, general purpose vessels for storing information, and can be used to keep tabs on projects or track initiatives as well as manage legal cases.

      We’re not just a pretty little online legal time and billing program. ; – )

      Furthermore, matter permissions can keep information secret or isolated for viewing for one staffer or many. A lot of our customers haven’t played around with matter permissions, but you can add or remove any user in the system to that matter and run a tight ship.

      Recognizing the utility of matters and their permissions, one of our attorneys came up with an innovative use: he creates a matter for each employee to track HR issues. Since the attorney restricts access on the matters, only he can see it. He also creates duplicate versions of those matters, presumably including less sensitive information, which he shares only with the individual employee.

      Others create initiatives for multi-step projects, such as ‘Christmas Party’, and use them to track tasks and keep calendar events organized.

      At Rocket Matter HQ, we actually use our matters as a project management system. In the software industry, this is known as “eating one’s own dog food.” I prefer the more elegant “drinking one’s own champagne.”

      For instance, we have a client, “Marketing”, under which we created matters for our different initiatives: there’s one for our e-books, like The Law Firm of Tomorrow, another for Trade Shows, another for Advertising.

      Have you invented a clever use for Rocket Matter matters or other features? We’d love to hear ’em!

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