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    Wednesday Wisdom: Customizing Your Firm’s Invoice Template


      Rocket Matter allows you to fully customize your invoices. This feature gives you the ability to produce quality invoices that mirror your firm’s own unique document styling and appearance. Our custom invoice templates feature lets solo and small firms create attractive and detailed invoices for their clients, identical to larger firms.

      In order to customize your invoice template, you should begin with the default template and follow these simple steps:

      1. From your user dashboard, click on Admin and then Upload Invoice Template.

      2. Click on See A List of Available Fields. This screen will show you exactly which fields are available for customization in Rocket Matter.

      3. To begin, click on Default Template, on the right-hand side of the screen. This template can be edited, saved and uploaded for use, once you have personalized it with the appropriate fields. You are also able to add your firm’s logo here.

      4. To upload your newly saved and revised template, hit Choose File, directly under Select the Invoice Template You Wish to Upload. Click to upload and your default template will now resemble your edited version.

      You can choose to edit the font, add your company logo, add or delete fields and even merge fields from a previous word invoice document. Just make sure that you do not add to or change any of the bracketed information on the default form.

      For more information on customizing your invoices, check out our FAQ video on Custom Invoicing. Currently using Rocket Matter, but need some additional training? Our Rocket Training classes are available 5 days per week and they cover just about everything you need to know in order to get the most from your Rocket Matter experience.

      Not currently using Rocket Matter? Our online demonstration webinars are the perfect way to get aquainted with the application. Our demonstrations overview all of the great features and benefits of using Rocket Matter. Click here for the upcoming demonstration webinar schedule and join us at a time that works for you!

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