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    Wednesday Wisdom: Actively Manage Your Billing With The Open Matters Report


      Our legal billing software is designed to give you smooth, easy to use and highly functional reporting. The Open Matters report has recently been improved to allow you to better actively manage your matter billing.

      To create, edit and review your report in seconds, simply follow these steps below. You’ll quickly become a pro at categorizing your matters, sorting the information and actively tracking billing progress. To access your Open Matters report, simply follow these steps:

      1. Click View Open Matters on the right side of your screen. This will enable you to view open, completed and closed matters.

      2. For illustration purposes, check Open and hit Get Answer to bring up the basic report.

      3. Click on the headings in the grey box above the report entries, and you are able to instantly sort your report by things like client, matter type, or even current balance or most recent activity.

      4. Click the Export button on the right side of the screen and you will be able to view the entire report in .csv format, where it can be further sorted.

      By monitoring recency of activity, as well as current balances, you are able to manage your matters and your billing more effectively. You are also able to your flat fee and contingency billing information that is not available in batch billing. Click here for more information on Rocket Matter’s detailed, easy to use reporting and stay tuned for more Wednesday Wisdom tips on getting the most out of your practice.

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