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    Wednesday Wisdom: Editing and Maintaining Contact Records in Rocket Matter


      Rocket Matter users have continuous access to a powerful firm database of contacts. Under a contact’s information, you can view company name, phone numbers, any matters that the contact is involved with and a customizable notes field. In addition, contacts can be easily categorized with the tagging feature.

      To begin with, we’ll review how to add a new contact (person or company) into Rocket Matter:
      1. From your user dashboard, click Create a New Contact.
      2. From here, you can fill in as many fields as you desire, regarding phone numbers, email addresses, business and home addresses. You can also add specific information about the contact in the Notes section. Be sure to check the box on top if the record is for a company.
      3. Add a tag (if desired). Contacts can be grouped by related matters, company name, function or just about any way you desire, simply by adding the appropriate tag on the top right of the screen.

      To edit and maintain an existing contact, simply follow these steps:
      1. Begin typing the contact’s name in the global search bar on your user or matter dashboard. The global search technology will begin auto-populating the contact’s name. Click Go to see the individual record.
      2. From the contact overview, you can add a tag or a related contact, by clicking either, to the right of the record. You can add a new tag or use one of your firm’s existing tags if you choose.
      3. Click Edit, at the top right, to bring you straight to the edit contact screen. Here you can add detailed notes, change or add phone numbers or addresses, or just about any information you can think of.

      Rocket Matter puts the fastest, most powerful practice management solution in your hands. Whether it’s contacts, matter information, messages or documents, you can access it all with a few clicks of your mouse. Not currently using Rocket Matter? Sign up here for our risk-free 30-day trial, where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

      Want more information on Rocket Matter? Check out one of our free, live demonstration webinars here!

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