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    Wednesday Wisdom: Editing Your Billable Time on Existing Rocket Matter Invoices


      Rocket Matter users can always capture time and invoice their clients quickly and concisely. Editing your current invoices, to reflect more or less accrued billable time, is just as simple. You can always add time by billing a new event, but suppose you are working with an existing invoice and you realize that you need to capture more billable time under a specific event.

      Say, for instance, that you needed to capture additional time for last week’s client breakfast, because you fielded a phone call related to one of their matters, immediately after it ended. You can simply go back in and edit as you choose, by doing the following:

      1. Navigate to the Matter Dashboard, by using the global search bar and click on the $ amount below Pending Invoicing.

      2. You are now viewing your Matter Billing Screen. Click on Edit next to the line item you need to change.

      3. Enter your changes in the green Event field and click OK. You can also add information to the Notes section if desired.

      4. Once you click OK, you will be taken back to your Matter Billing Screen, where you can generate an invoice or continue to add billable time as it occurs.

      If you’d like to learn more, please visit our Rocket Matter FAQ page. You can also attend one of our online training sessions, to quickly ramp up your Rocket Matter skills, at a time convenient to you!

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