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    Wednesday Wisdom: How to Use The Billing Dashboard to Manage Your Firm’s Finances Efficiently


      Within Rocket Matter, there are numerous places to bill from, view recent billable activity, and even see what you’ve billed that day! However, there is much more to be offered when it comes to billing within Rocket Matter.
      This brings us to the Billing Dashboard: a place to see funds in your trust accounts, your accounts receivables report, along with a list of all invoices. You can also view all payments made to your firm. Let’s take a minute to find out how to manage your firm’s finances efficiently using the Billing Dashboard!
      You can navigate to the Billing Dashboard by clicking on Billing in the Navigation Panel from your User Dashboard.

      Viewing Trust Funds

      Under the Advanced Deposits section, you may see any funds held in trust, as well as funds being held for withdrawal. You can confirm all pending withdrawal amounts at once directly from your Billing Dashboard with one easy click.

      Viewing Invoices

      Under the Receivables section, you can navigate to the batch billing page to create invoices for all matters with any outstanding balances at one time. With our Aged Accounts Receivables Report, you can export a report with clients and matter balances displayed by amount of days out. With our list of invoices processed, you can view all invoices that were run during a specified period of time all in one place. You can even download any invoice to your computer directly from this page.

      Viewing Payments

      Also under Receivables, you can add payments to trust accounts, matter ledgers, and outstanding invoices directly from here. To see a report of any previous payments made to the firm, click on ‘what the firm has been paid’ to see a detailed list that can be exported, along with all reports in Rocket Matter, as a .csv file.

      The Billing Dashboard page reflects the data you need to frequently access and feel secure about. Here, you can quickly view the amount of funds being held in Trust, the amount still pending invoicing across all of your matters, your accounts receivables report, a list of all invoices processed across all matters, and more!
      For additional resources, please feel free to visit our Billing Dashboard FAQ page.
      Want some live, interactive U.S.-based training? For all your billing needs and questions, join our free Firm Billing and Trust Accounting webinars. You may register for these classes here.

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