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    Wednesday Wisdom: Integrating Evernote® with Your Rocket Matter Account


      Both Evernote® and Rocket Matter help attorneys get organized and get things done.

      Well, we asked, why not combine the best of both worlds to create an even more powerful way of capturing and organizing your myriad of information.

      That’s exactly what we’ve done by integrating with Evernote.

      Saving your information will now automatically synch it with your Rocket Matter account, where you can view and access all your Evernote notes and notebooks.

      Getting started is fast and easy. If you don’t currently have an Evernote account, sign up here for free.

      If you’re already an active user, or have now signed up, just follow these simple steps to integrate with Rocket Matter and begin capturing and organizing more of the things that matter to you:

      1. Enter your Admin section and click Set Evernote Credentials.

      2. Enter your Evernote Username and Password and hit the Save button.

      3. Navigate into the Matter Dashboard of the matter you wish to work with and click View Matter Documents.

      4. Click Set Evernote Notebook and enter the name of the notebook you want to associate with this matter and hit OK.

      That’s all there is to it. You will now be able to view the contents of that notebook in your matter documents screen in Rocket Matter. When you save or edit your notebook in Evernote,  it will automatically be updated and available in Rocket Matter.

      For more information on integrating Evernote with your Rocket Matter, check out our FAQ’s on getting started.

      Not currently using Rocket Matter? There’s no better way to get started than to check out one of our online demonstration webinars.

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