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    Wednesday Wisdom: Keeping Track of Payments When Using Rocket Matter Trust Accounting


      Keeping up with your firm’s trust accounting can be difficult. Rocket Matter makes it simpler, faster, and more productive. Using the What the Firm Has Been Paid report allows you to keep tabs on your trust accounting flow, in a glance. To put the report to use, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to your user (home) dashboard.

      2. Click on View Billing Dashboard. This is located in the billing module on the right side of the screen.

      3. Click on the What the Firm Has Been Paid report at the bottom of the billing dashboard.

      4. Leave the Trust Account and Operating Account boxes checked, enter the applicable date and hit Get Answer.

      5. You will now be looking at a report that details all of the payments made to trust accounting and where the funds have been applied to the operating account.

      Under the description heading, you will be able to see exactly which retainer deposits were posted to the trust account. What funds were applied as payments and what payments have been received in general. You can sort the report by clicking on the column heading, to make individual transactions easier to view and analyze. To view only trust accounting information, simply uncheck the operating account box and your report will reflect only that information.

      Your billing dashboard is your window into your firm’s trust accounting. Use it to view and manage your funding and payments. For more great tips on getting the most out of Rocket Matter, check out our past Wednesday Wisdom topics and stay tuned each Wednesday for more.

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