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    Wednesday Wisdom: Managing Your Cash Flow-What the Firm Has Been Paid Report


      Rocket Matter makes managing your firm’s finances faster and easier. Our reports are always designed to be accessed quickly, with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you haven’t taken a look at your What the Firm Has Been Paid report, just follow these steps to take you to a detailed overview of your cash flow:

      1. Navigate to your user dashboard and click View Billing Dashboard.

      2. Click on What The Firm Has Been Paid, enter the appropriate date range in the date fields and hit the Get Answer button.

      3. Select from Trust Account and Operating Account data, or both together.

      4. You will now be viewing a detailed list of payments for this date range. Information includes the client name, matter, date of payment, a short description and the amount paid.

      This report will show you what you’ve got in trust for that date range, as well as show the transfer of trust funds into your operating account. You will be able to view and track all payments, and everything your firm has earned, over that defined time period.

      The data is easily exportable in Excel and can be sorted by dates, descriptions and amounts. Your What the Firm Has Been Paid report will help you manage your cash flow more effectively, so try it out today and see how you are doing for the month!

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