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    Wednesday Wisdom: Say Goodbye to Post-It Notes with Rocket Matter Phone Messaging


      Every receptionist remembers the days of fielding phone calls, one by one, and jotting down endless notes about the call on post its or scratch paper. Some probably even remember placing those post its on the desks and monitors of paralegals and attorneys on a daily basis.

      Conversely, most paralegals and attorneys probably remember how things often got lost in translation when they returned from a meeting or lunch, much less a full day in court. Fortunately, Rocket Matter has a built in feature called Phone Messaging, that offers a paperless, effective solution to this age-old relay system.

      To begin using the feature, simply click on the telephone receiver in the top center of your user dashboard. This will bring up the ‘New Message’ pop-up screen. This is where you begin entering all the details of the call. You enter the caller’s name, their return phone number, which employee the message is intended for (make sure you enter the full name of the recipient as it appears in your firm’s database), the subject, and a quick note. In addition, you can also leave a detailed note about the conversation and assign it to a particular matter from this screen, if the call is related.

      Once the message has been posted, it will be visible immediately to the recipient in Rocket Matter. That individual can access their new message anytime, simply by clicking ‘Messages’ at the top of their user dashboard. Inside the message, the recipient will find all the details needed to take action. Inside, you will find the name of the caller, the return phone number, the time of the call, and a detailed description of what was discussed.

      If the message pertains to a specific matter, Phone Messaging allows the recipient to begin billing time to that matter, right from the message itself. To do this, simply click ‘Bill’ and time can be entered manually or recorded by the built-in timer. This information is compiled and added directly to the matter’s billing section in Rocket Matter. Messages that have been read will appear on blue on your message list. Those that are unread will appear in white.

      Phone Messaging is instant, paperless and offers the ability to tie the call directly to the appropriate matter.  Say goodbye to post-it notes forever with Phone Messaging and stay tuned for more Wednesday Wisdom postings on getting the most from Rocket Matter.

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