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    Wednesday Wisdom: Setting Access Levels On Your User Record


      Rocket Matter gives you the ability to set access levels for each user of Rocket Matter. Setting up user parameters is quick and easy to do. This week, we’ll show you how to set access levels for your users, as well as what each access level means.
      1. From the user dashboard navigate to the admin section. 
      2. Click manage users to view the user list.

      3. Select the user you would like to change access levels for.

      4. Selecting Regular access will enable the user to access Matter Dashboards and Contacts.

      5. Selecting Administrative access will allow the user to access to the full admin panel. They will be able to add, edit, and delete users, update payment method, and receive billing notifications.
      6. Selecting Billing Dashboard access the user to run batch billing, add payments and confirm the transfer of trust account funds.
      7. Selecting Show all client and matter ledgers allows users to see individual client ledgers and matter billing history.
      It’s really easy to use and these access levels can be changed at any time. When creating a new user, remember to check at least one option before you finish adding the user. If you have any more questions about setting user access levels, check out our FAQ section!

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