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    Wednesday Wisdom: Setting and Controlling User Access Levels in Rocket Matter


      Adding new users in Rocket Matter is a snap. But, you may not know that you can also control four specific access levels, based on the needs of the work-flow process and the individual’s position.

      Suppose you have hired a new secretary and would like to give her access to contact information and matter overviews. Maybe you’ve hired a new accountant who needs access to all the billing information, without all the detailed client and matter information. Or, suppose you are adding a new partner who needs access to all administrative functions, including all client and matter information and billing. You can customize user access levels easily by following these steps:

      1. Click Admin at the top right of your screen. Next, click I Want To Manage Users.

      2. If the user in question is new, simply click Add User, on the top right and fill in the new employee’s information. If the user is already in Rocket Matter and you would like to shrink or expand their current level of access, click on their name.

      3. You will notice four levels of customization under the Practice Management and Billing Sections. Regular Access gives the user permission to view contacts and matter dashboard information only. Administrative Access gives that person the ability to add, edit and delete users, and update payment information. Billing Dashboard gives the user the ability to run batch billing, add payments and manage trust accounting. Finally, Show All Client Matters and Ledgers enables the person to see individual client and matter ledgers, and to view matter billing history.

      4. In our examples above, setting your new secretary as a regular user might be a good place to begin. She will be able to view all firm contacts and see what is currently happening in the matter dashboards. The new partner, however, may need to be able to add or delete users, work with billing and see all client and matter ledgers, so you would enable this by checking all four boxes.

      Rocket Matter enables you to completely customize user permission levels for your entire staff, based on their individual needs. For more information on adding or deleting users and setting custom access levels, please visit our Rocket Matter FAQ page. Not currently using Rocket Matter? Sign up here for one of our convenient online demonstrations, that will give you a great overview of our comprehensive practice management software.

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