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    Wednesday Wisdom: Setting Up a New Trust Account for Your Client


      Rocket Matter offers users a robust trust accounting feature that enables you to keep detailed track of payments and balances. Getting started using the trust accounting feature is simple. You can easily add a payment to a client’s trust account, but start by tackling setting up a new client’s trust account here:

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      1. Click add matter from your user dashboard screen.

      2. Type the client name into the global search bar and then enter the new matter name under that client.

      3. Fill in the information on the next screen, including billing method, statute of limitations (if applicable), related contacts and data, and the amount of the initial deposit into the trust account.

      4. The new matter is now active and you will see the trust account balance on the lower right-hand side of the screen, on your matter dashboard.

      5. To add an initial or extra payment for an existing client, simply navigate to the appropriate matter dashboard and click add a payment (located in the trust accounting box on the lower right of your screen).

      legal software, trust accounting software

      6. Here you will be prompted to enter an amount and a relevant description. Hit OK and the payment will be applied to the trust account.

      Next week we’ll look a little further into the trust accounting function in Rocket Matter. Rest assured, trust accounting is one of those complexities of running an efficient practice that Rocket Matter can help make easier for you. Click here for a list of our upcoming Trust Accounting online training classes. Rocket Matter online training is convenient and hassle-free and gives you practical answers to some of the questions that you may already have about improving your workflow.

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