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    Wednesday Wisdom: Adding and Managing Users in Rocket Matter


      As your firm grows and changes, Rocket Matter legal software makes it fast and easy to manage your users. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the difference between adding, disabling, and deleting different users from the manage users section.
      First up, let’s take a look at how to add a user:
      1.  Select Admin in the upper right hand corner & click manage users (in the USERS section of your admin panel).
      2.  Select the green Add User button on the right. On the user information screen, you’ll be asked to complete the profile, including name, contact information and password. You’ll also be able to set their permission levels, which control access to data in Rocket Matter.

      3. If you need to disable a current user, simply return to the manage users screen above and uncheck the active box. A typical reason for disabling a user might include a part-time or seasonal employee on a leave of absence.

      4. If you need to delete a user, follow the directions above, but simply click the Red X symbol. Deleting a user is a permanent action and would typically occur if an employee is eliminated or moved into a department that does not access Rocket Matter.

      Rocket Matter is designed to give you the flexibility to add, pause and delete users on the go. As your firm’s needs change, Rocket Matter can be easily customized to match them. For more on managing your existing users, please see our support FAQ section.

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