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    Wednesday Wisdom: Using Rocket Matter to Improve Service to Your Clients


      Experienced Rocket Matter users know that helping you improve your firm’s matter management is one of the benefits of our software. You might not be aware though, that using your Open Matters Report on a regular basis can help you stay in touch with your customers, and to see who you’ve been working with most recently, and those you may have fallen a little out of touch with.

      You can also sort them not only by most recent activity, but by current balance and statute of limitations. When you sort your open matters, it’s easy to see where you may need to focus your attention, based on date of last activity, balance or an up-coming statute of limitations. To get started viewing your Open Matters Report, follow these simple steps:

      1. From your user dashboard, click View Open Matters.

      2. Check Open and then hit the Get Answer button and you will now be looking at a dashboard view of all your open matters.

      3. To sort your open matters by subject, simply click on the desired sort in the grey box above your listing. For example, click current balance to sort from high to low.

      That’s all there is to it. Using your Open Matters Report frequently will help you manage your customers more efficiently. You’ll also be able to spot gaps in recent activity and focus on your customers who currently have larger balances. Rocket Matter makes customer relationship management so much more productive! Learn how our software and techniques can dramatically increase your firm’s billing and overall productivity!

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