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    Wednesday Wisdom: Using Transaction Pro to Integrate with QuickBooks Online


      Rocket Matter users already know how easy it is to capture time and expenses during your busy day, both in and out of the office.

      This week, we will look at a handy tip from one of our users about integrating their Rocket Matter billable time entries with QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) using third party software called Transaction Pro™.

      Granted, we think it’s more efficient to run invoices in Rocket Matter. Our batch billing capabilities allow you to invoice all of your unbilled time with the click of a button.

      But everybody has their own workflow, so for the QuickBooks Online junkie that wants the Bill As You Work™ and Matter Management power of Rocket Matter,  this is your solution. We’re just happy to have an app flexible enough to adapt to different workflows!

      To take advantage of Transaction Pro integration, just follow these steps:

      1.  Export your activity for a given date range by clicking on What I’ve Billed Today on your Rocket Matter user dashboard. This will show your Billable Activity Detail report.  You can export these reports easily from Rocket Matter.

      2. Alter the headers on your downloaded file to match the fields inside your QBOE.  You can also remap those fields in Transaction Pro’s Import Wizard.

      3. Go to the App Center in QuickBooks Online.  Launch Transaction Pro.  Import the excel file and choose the relevant worksheet, then select Time Activities under Import Type.

      4. Select Yes for billable status and record the initials or identifying words for the billable users. Clicking Import completes this process.

      5. You can now invoice from QBOE, which you can use to send your clients an email with the invoice attached for their review.

      That’s all there is to it!

      Transaction Pro is available here from the Intuit Corporation.

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