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    Wednesday Wisdom: Using Your Tasks As Passive Alerts


      Managing your task flow with Rocket Matter is as simple as creating and saving the task description. If you have created tasks for yourself or for others before, you may have wondered what influences the color of the task itself, on your dashboard. Here’s how it works and how you can use this to passively alert yourself when important deadlines approach.
      To begin with, there are 3 specific color codes for tasks that you create and assign. These colors apply regardless of whether you assign the task to yourself or to someone else.
      White means that task is assigned with either no due date or with a due date longer than 7 days from the current date.

      Yellow means that task is assigned with a future due date within 1-7 days from the current date.
      Finally, pink tasks are those that are either due today or are currently past due.
      Think of the task management system as a built-in stop light within your user dashboard. White tasks mean you have no pressing deadline or that deadline is longer than 1 week into the future. These are your green light.
      Yellow tasks are those that are due within the current 7 day period. Think of these as your yellow light and begin to pay more attention to these tasks as they populate. Finally, pink tasks are those that are right on top of you and should get immediate attention. They’re either due today or currently past due. These represent your red light items.
      Learning to pay attention to not only the number but the color of your assigned tasks will help you stay on top of your workflow. Learning to use the colors yellow and pink as passive alerts will help you pay attention to what’s on tap and what you need to focus on in the given workday, week or beyond. Striving to record all of your important tasks in Rocket Matter will help you better manage your workflow.

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