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    Wednesday Wisdom: Viewing and Managing Tasks Created By Others


      Rocket Matter® offers your firm a powerful task management system that allows you to manage your firm’s tasks on a daily basis. If you are currently using Rocket Matter, you might be familiar with viewing your tasks through Order Mode, which keeps track of everything you currently have on your plate, with the ability to prioritize by due date.

      By utilizing the Filter Mode, you will be able to see all the tasks in your firm created by others and assigned to others as well. To quickly locate tasks assigned to others, just follow these simple steps:

      1. From your user dashboard, click on View My Tasks and then Filter Mode, on the right hand side of your screen.

      2. Click on the Custom radio button and enter the name or names of those who created the tasks and those who were assigned those tasks. It’s important to remember that to save you time,  Rocket Matter’s Global Intelligent Search capability will automatically populate these fields from your firm’s contact list and you are able to include as many people in the tasks report as needed.

      3. View all the tasks on the left hand side of the screen. Note that tasks that appear in pink are those that are past due or due today, those that appear in orange are due within a week of the current date and those that appear in white are due more than a week into the future or have no assigned due date.

      The Filter Mode allows you to view and manage the task flow in your firm, even when you did not create and assign them yourself. This is a great tool for firm management to use to keep track of the work flow on an ongoing basis. Rocket Matter helps you organize and track the work flow even at the busiest of firms!

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