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    Welcome to 2010! Predictions for Online Legal Practice Management


      Welcome to a new year, a new decade, which hopefully won’t be remembered for odd-shaped jeans and hairstyles.  Hopefully this decade (the teens, the tens, hopefully we can decide on a name this time) will be remembered as one in which smaller law firms become more profitable.  It appears the groundwork is already there, with a growing trend of alternative fee engagements and a nascent movement towards integrating traditional project management techniques into the legal workflow.

      Law Practice Today hosted my second annual “Predictions for Online Legal Practice Management” article, in which I identify 5 trends that I see happening in 2010:

      1. More Choices
      2. More Disconnected Functionality
      3. Mass Migration Away From Desktop Solutions
      4. Change to Existing Distribution Channels
      5. Increased Hardware Choices

      Thanks to Bob Ambrogi for picking up this article as part of a collection of prediction pieces, which also includes words on e-discovery and medical/healthcare law.

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