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    What’s up with today’s legal practice management software?


      There are a lot of practicing lawyers out there. Most work in small and solo law firms. And according to the annual ABA technology survey, only 53% have purchased dedicated practice management solution to streamline their operations and bill more time.  Even less utilize their investment.

      Why is this the case?

      We put ourselves in the shoes of someone hanging out their shingle, and discovered a number of daunting issues. The software options are bewildering, the startup costs are considerable, and products are not well-integrated.

      Apparently, the leading practice management software packages are difficult enough to use to require you to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for training on all their buttons and screens. Add to all this a desire for a backup system and mobile access, and all of a sudden we are looking at a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

      Rocket Matter fixes this.

      You don’t have to buy servers. You don’t have to buy licenses. You only pay for the users you want, and that’s it.

      You don’t have to pay someone to install Rocket Matter. We’re on the web. Once you sign up, you browse to a web page and log in.

      Rocket Matter training is free. Market leading legal practice management software requires spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn how to use all of their tabs, screens, and buttons. Our weekly live Continuing Rocket Education (CRE) seminars are available to all customers, and you can leverage online CRE videos as well.

      Sleep well, knowing you have daily backups & security managed for you automatically. And since our servers are in a redundant, premier data center, you have an instant disaster-recovery plan.

      Rocket Matter is an enjoyable product. Our product is designed to be as simple to use as possible. No more applications with more buttons than a 747 cockpit.

      All of your information is just a click away. Your calendar, client manager, matter manager, and time and billing software is rolled into one integrated product. Imagine how great it feels to know you can find your information quickly and easily!

      Bill as you WorkTM. Our unique approach to software captures your billable time as you go about your day. There’s no need to total up hours at the end of the day or to figure out where your time went.

      Use Rocket Matter at work, at home, on a computer, or on your iPhone! Since we’re on the web, you can access us from anywhere.

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