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    When Rockets Launch they Blast Off


      Yesterday was our debut to the world and the response was overwhelming! We cannot thank everyone enough for coming to our site, viewing our preview, and signing up.

      The blawg (legal blog) world was very kind to us:

      Grant Griffiths wrote:

      “Now there is an alternative. And let me tell you this. I have tried this new legal software and it is quite wonderful.”

      From Ben Stevens:

      “Rocket Matter has now been launched and is available for you to come aboard. This product is a Web 2.0 case management and time/billing program, and it looks fantastic.”

      And Erik Schmidt:

      “…it looks like Rocket Matter could be a powerful tool for solo and small firm practitioners who would rather spend their time on billable work than on managing invoices.”

      These guys were generous in their time for previewing and writing about the app. We really appreciate their reviews, and the positive reaction we are getting from visitors to our site!

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