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    Why Dropbox Rocks For Law Offices


      The following is an excerpt from a post originally appearing on The Mac Lawyer earlier this week entitled “Dropbox is Sweeping the World, So We Integrated Rocket Matter With It”

      Earlier this year at ABA Techshow, when talking to The Mac Lawyer and TechnoEsq (Finis Price) in the actual flesh, we asked, what, if any feature, would they want to see in Rocket Matter.

      “Dropbox integration,” they both replied.

      Dropbox, for those who are new to the platform, is the killer storage app. Here’s essentially how it works:

      1) You sign up for a Dropbox account.
      2) You designate a folder on your computer as a Dropbox folder.
      3) Any folders inside your Dropbox folder get automatically backed up to the cloud.
      4) You can connect another computer to your Dropbox. When you do so, you get a synchronized copy of all of your Dropbox files and folders.

      Like any incredible idea, Dropbox is both simple yet amazingly powerful. In essence, it allows you to keep your files synchronized across machines. And since it works on both Macs and *gasp*…*sputter*…*retch* PC’s, it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on.

      You can even access your Dropbox from the web or mobile devices via dedicated apps, in case you happen to be away from your normal computers (for instance, in lying on a turkey-induced coma on a relative’s house this holiday season).

      Also, consider the implication of using Dropbox from a disaster recovery/business continuity perspective: your documents are not only secure on multiple machines, but they’re backed up to an offsite location in Dropbox servers, which employes Amazon S3 for storage.

      Fast forward to November. Earlier this month at MILOFest, where people talked about Dropbox so much it became a running joke, we demonstrated functionality of Rocket Matter’s new Dropbox integration, which allows users to associate Dropbox folders with individual matters.

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