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    ForbesAdvisor - The Best Legal Billing Software Of 2022

    Why Forbes Advisor Thinks Rocket Matter Is the Best.. And You Will Too


      “He is a good man, and I am content at night knowing he watches me sleep.” 

      Online review of a Danny DeVito cardboard cutout

      “I don’t know if this is a scam or if mine was broken, but it doesn’t work and I am still getting abducted by UFOs on a regular basis.”

      Online review of “UFO Detector”

      Online reviews can be overwhelmingly positive or extremely negative. They can have so many typos they barely make sense or they can be hilariously well-written.

      But can they be trusted?

      Not usually.

      It’s (hopefully) not a secret that companies often purchase positive reviews from fake customers. Some businesses also pay people to leave negative reviews. While unethical, it’s rare for anyone to face consequences for either review inflation or bombing (except for this guy). That makes it hard for consumers to confidently make purchases for their personal and professional needs.

      The good news is that there are some reputable places to go for honest reviews. One of those places is Forbes Advisor.

      Forbes Advisor and Rocket Matter

      Forbes Advisor’s mission is to provide clear, impartial, practical advice consumers can trust when making purchasing decisions. Famous for their objective “best for” rankings, the editorial team at Forbes Advisor is made up of independent experts and industry professionals who conduct extensive research and analysis when creating their insights and recommendations.

      Every year, Forbes Advisor ranks hundreds of financial products and services across a wide variety of industries. In April 2022, contributors and editors at Forbes Advisor released their ranking of the year’s best legal billing software programs. And guess what?

      Rocket Matter’s practice management software was named the best platform for firms of all sizes!

      Forbes Advisor highlighted our matter management, document storage, automated billing, advanced reporting, and customization capabilities as best in class and gave us a category high 4.5 out of 5 stars. We are incredibly proud of that achievement, and we want to tell everyone why.

      Here’s a quick peek at the Rocket Matter magic the Forbes Advisor team loved.

      Cloud-based platform

      Rocket Matter’s program operates primarily in the cloud, which means your files are accessible pretty much anywhere, any time. We also take a lot of the cybersecurity worry off your plate by providing extensive protections against hacks and breaches. (Which means you don’t have to research and buy a separate data security program.)

      Project management

      With Kanban boards, calendaring support, and case management tools, managing legal workflows goes from exacting to empowering. Our customizable matter templates make it easy to automate tasks and billing, track budgets, tag and categorize information, and manage your contacts efficiently.

      Secure file sharing and e-sign capabilities

      Confidentiality is one of the legal profession’s foundational principles, and our all-in-one platform eliminates the friction of document portals and the risk of unencrypted communication. With multiple options for secure file sharing, Rocket Matter can give you and your clients confidence that important documents and information are well-protected.

      E-signatures help you save time and money while simultaneously improving your security and providing your clients with copies of their important legal documents. Our integrations meet all legal requirements for valid signatures without the hassle of meeting clients in person to get a pen and ink John Hancock.

      Time tracking

      The saying “time is money” is more true at a law firm than anywhere else, so it makes sense that keeping track of time matters more at a law firm than it does in nearly any other industry. Rocket Matter allows you to capture time and track expenses in real-time using multiple timers.

      Accounting support

      Rocket Matter dramatically simplifies legal accounting practices by supporting:

      • Batch billing
      • Automated invoices
      • Trust accounting
      • Payment plans
      • Recurring payments
      • Online payments using eChecks or credit cards

      Unlike other processors, which might hold your funding for several days, our Rocket Matter Pay system can fully fund your accounts in less than 12 hours. We also provide fully transparent pricing for our pre-negotiated low credit card rates.

      Business intelligence

      According to Forbes Advisor, one of the best things about Rocket Matter is the advanced reporting functions and business intelligence capabilities. The analytics tools in our Pro plan can help you track:

      • Productivity (by matter or by team)
      • Budgets (by matter or by team)
      • Collections rates and trends (by matter or by team)
      • Cycle times (how long it takes to complete a case)
      • Origination and allocation sources

      Customers who purchase our Premier plan can add on business intelligence capabilities, which include customized KPI monitoring and reports on your average case unit value and throughput rate.


      We’re proud that the Forbes Advisor ranking specifically mentioned how our pricing structure benefits firms of every size.

      At Rocket Matter, our primary goal is to reduce administrative stress so lawyers can run their firms more effectively and efficiently. We believe that quality practice management programs should be affordable.

      We offer three plans that let you get what you need without paying for features you can’t or won’t use. Ranging from $39 per user per month for our Essentials Plan to $89 per user per month for our Premier Plan, Rocket Matter is designed to scale with you as you grow.

      Come see for yourself

      Listen, we know online reviews can leave you doubting humankind’s sanity. We promise you our Forbes Advisor ranking is legit, but you don’t have to take their word for it.

      Our clients have left us hundreds of reviews detailing all the ways we’ve helped make their practices more profitable and productive. So even though someone once left a review for the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer that said “We were so excited to get our Hutzler 571 until we realized that our bananas curved the wrong way. Gonna have to go to the store for new bananas,” you can trust us when we say that we can help.

      Contact us today to schedule a free demo or start a free trial and see why Forbes Advisor named Rocket Matter as the best legal billing software for firms of all sizes.

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