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    Why I’m NOT Quitting Facebook


      not quitting facebook

      Recently, the CEO of Rocket Matter (who just so happens to also be my husband) wrote about the many reasons why he deleted his personal Facebook account. And, I have to admit, I do see his point to some degree.
      But despite his enthusiasm for no longer being part of the social media giant, I’m not following suit.
      Sure, I get annoyed with my newsfeed from time to time. And I’ve had to block quite a few people for various reasons. However, I joined Facebook in April of 2008, and in the past decade there have been a lot of times Facebook has actually been a huge asset both personally and professionally. Here are just a few examples:

      • Just a few weeks ago, a teen girl in my area went missing. My Facebook newsfeed was instantly bombarded with info about the girl in hopes that someone would recognize her and find her. I don’t know all the details as I don’t really know the family. But the girl is thankfully now home safe and sound. Facebook likely played a part in that.
      • A neighbor’s mom is in the hospital. A friend’s dog dies. A co-worker’s son just won his Little League championship. If it weren’t for Facebook, I might not know about these things. If my neighbor, friend, or co-worker didn’t tell me such news (good or bad) I wouldn’t know to congratulate them or send my support or sympathy.
      • If it weren’t for someone sharing this on Facebook, I probably would have never seen this video. That’s not a good thing. Everyone needs to see this video.
      • The #MeToo movement. Sure, there’s a lot of nonsense on Facebook and plenty of angry, nasty political discourse. But the #MeToo movement is an example of something great that has come out of social media.
      • Facebook makes it SO easy to remember everyone’s birthdays. That’s nice.
      • Last month, I was in a very dangerous situation in my hometown. My car and/or my purse was almost stolen. I have no idea if the men were armed. I posted about my experience on Facebook, and I got more comments on it than on any of my previous posts. Some of my friends and neighbors had no clue about the prevalence of these car break-ins. Others shared their similar stories. Facebook helped me start a dialogue about the dangers in our seemingly safe town. It gave me a place to post information about an incredible self-defense class in our area. They say that “knowledge is power.” Well, I can’t think of a faster way to spread important knowledge regarding safety than through Facebook.
      • Have something to promote? Facebook is one of the best places to do just that. There are 1.86 billion people on the social network. That’s a lot of potential customers.
      • I just went to my high school reunion. I attended a small school where my graduating class knew each other well, but I haven’t seen some of these people in 25 years. However, when we were all together, it didn’t seem like that much time had passed. I knew about their kids, where they lived, and what they did for a living. Some of their children looked familiar to me. They knew about the books I had written and the scary incident I had just had in the parking lot. I thank Facebook for keeping us connected in some way. I’m not saying I’m best friends with everyone I graduated with, but it makes me happy seeing what everyone is up to. Same goes for other friends and relatives I might not speak to often. We are still connected without having to keep in touch on a regular basis.

      What do you think about Facebook? Email us at and let us know your thoughts.

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