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    Why we made Rocket Matter easy to learn and easy to use


      When you think of legal practice management programs, generally one thing does not come to mind:  ease of use.

      But Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is changing this perception.  Talk to users of Rocket Matter.  They will tell you RM is easy to learn, easy to use, even fun.

      So why make a simple and fun software product?  The answer is, we enjoy it, but also, we kind of have to.

      Rocket Matter charges you by the month, with no contract to lock you in.  You can come and go as you please.  In contrast, traditional legal practice management solutions charge you up front.  You can either use the software, or let it rot on the shelf in shrinkwrap.  But the vendors, in either case, have already been paid.

      Here’s a great article about the importance of learnability in SaaS.  In our field we call it “application discovery”.  A brief snippet:

      “Application discovery can be illustrated well by comparing a consumer oriented SaaS, like or Google to enterprise software. There is actually quite a lot you can do at other than buy a book. You can create wish lists, write reviews, manage your one-click account, you can sell books, or music, or videos, and you can have your books printed on-demand. But, you don’t get it in your face all at once. You discover it as you use the service. In contrast, enterprise software is notoriously difficult to use and integrate. Why? Because, it is purchased up front. The license cost is sunk and the audience is captive. So, strap the users to their chairs and make them sit through two weeks of training.”

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