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    Using Technology to Deliver a WOW Experience For Law Firm Clients


      Excellent client service–one that establishes and nurtures a loyal client base–is becoming a differentiator between a law firm that is on the rise and one that is struggling to stay above water. Client service that is comprehensive, engaging everyone at the firm including the intake personnel, librarians, paralegal, attorneys, administrators and managing partner. Everyone.

      So far we’ve discussed the 10 ways to make your clients happy, how to start setting expectations and using lean metrics to measure and deliver exceptional client service. Now we’ll take a look at how technology can be used by your firm to provide better client service.

      Access Case Information from Anywhere
      Technology and the Internet have changed the way lawyers serve their clients. The use of practice management systems allow case information to be accessed anytime and anywhere, whether you’re working from home or trying a case in court.

      Clients expect lawyers to respond quickly and provide around-the-clock service. Technology has not only enabled case information to be accessed via a desktop but also by using mobile technology such as Rocket Matter’s iPad, iPhone and Android editions.

      Client Communication via Portal
      When sharing sensitive client information through email, there is a drawback due to the inefficiency and cost of printing and mailing documents and invoices to clients. The use of practice management systems have simplified this process by the one-click it takes to share case information.

      Using Rocket Matter’s portal as an example, firms have the ability to share invoices, documents and calendar events with their clients. Law firms no longer need to email documents or call their clients to provide account balances.

      Easy Payment Options
      Online bill pay has become increasingly popular due to it’s time and money saving benefits. Clients have the option of simply logging into the firm’s third-party processing system and enter their payment information.

      Rocket Matter’s portal enables clients to process credit card payments through it’s integration with LawPay. The third-party credit card processing system, which is endorsed by the American Bar Association and 40 state bars allows clients to conveniently pay their balances from any location.

      Security and Client Confidentiality
      Having an ethical responsibility to secure their clients’ information, lawyers have heavily relied on technology to ensure that security breaches are prevented. To protect locally stored client information, law firms have installed firewalls, created physical access logs and maintained up-to-date network diagrams.

      Clients have changed their expectations of the service that they receive and a key factor in providing better client service is incorporating the use of technology. With the advancements of technology, mobility has increased, lawyers are now able to communicate easier with their clients, and case information is protected better than ever.

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