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    The Rocket Matter iPhone App: Your Law Practice in the Palm of Your Hand


      One thing we’ve learned from our customers is that being mobile is a top priority. The law office no longer has four walls. So we responded with our new native Rocket Matter iPhone® app, available immediately for download from Apple’s App Store.

      With the Rocket Matter iPhone app, you can quickly access important client data on the go, record client-specific billable activity as it occurs, and view and add contact data and calendar events, anytime from anywhere.

      And if your connectivity’s lousy, don’t worry. You can work offline.

      Let’s face it: according to a 2011 ABA Technology Survey, almost 88 percent of lawyers reported using a smartphone for law-related tasks while away from the office. Our elite community of users asked for additional smartphone functionality, and after conducting extensive surveys to see exactly what they wanted to do, we designed and engineered our new, blazingly fast iPhone app.

      The Rocket Matter iPhone app is not an optimized web application. It’s built in native iOS and provides a fast, intuitive interface. You know how the old Facebook app was slow and the new one is much faster? That’s because they took their web app and rewrote it as a native app, which is exactly what we did at Rocket Matter.

      With the, ahem, Rocket in Your Pocket, you can:

      ? Initiate calls, e-mails, and Skype® conversations directly from your contacts.
      ? Access important client data, including invoicing and trust account balances.
      ? Stay current with synchronization of data entered offline.
      ? Protect your data with user-defined passcodes.
      ? Experience military-grade security via encrypted data transmission and additional passcode locks.
      ? Work offline while disconnected: data will immediately synch with your web-based version when connectivity is restored.

      You can use a built-in timer and convenient time capture to never again lose billable time while you’re racing between meetings, on the way back from the courthouse, or on the spur of the moment.

      Instantly attach expenses to matters right at the moment they occur. And retrieve a list of your matters with related contacts and calendar events with just a few quick taps.

      All events are synched with the Rocket Matter web application. New appointments added on the fly are instantly visible to other Rocket Matter users at the firm. Never miss another hearing, conference or deposition.

      The Rocket Matter mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPad®, iPhone® (3GS, 4 or 4S), iPod® touch with iOS® 5.0 and above, and is available at no additional cost to Rocket Matter subscribers.

      To find out more, check out our product info page or download the app today at the app store.

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