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Rocket Matter and GDPR

  • The GDPR Explained
    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy law that mandates standards on companies that store or process the personal data of EU residents. GDPR enables individuals to provide great transparency into how their data is stored, processed, deleted, and used, and becomes effective on May 25, 2018. It applies to all businesses that hold any information of individuals located within the EU. For more information about the GDPR, please click here.
  • Rocket Matter & GDPR Obligations
    Rocket Matter is supportive of the new regulations. As a founding member of the Legal Cloud Computing Association, Rocket Matter has been on the forefront of data security standards for legal service providers.
  • Technical and Organizational Measures
    Rocket Matter’s data security measures, policies, and practices ensure that the data processed on behalf of our customers is well-protected and in line with the requirements of the GDPR. A big part of the GDPR covers an individual’s data rights, which we support, including but not limited to:

    • Data portability on demand
    • Data destruction
    • Data protection by design and by default

Rocket Matter’s Core Values

  • Embrace Continuous Improvement
    Perfection is the enemy of the very good, especially since we believe the very good can always be improved. It’s better to get something done well than to have nothing done perfectly. Continuous improvement forces us to execute, measure, and refine what we do, no matter what department we work in.
  • Row in One Direction
    Our team members check their ego at the door. This is no place for seeking praise, placing blame, or being a prima donna. We challenge each other with healthy debate and competition, but ultimately when we make a decision, our team stands collectively behind it.
  • Come Up with Options and Recommended Solutions, Not Problems
    We do not like to put monkeys on others’ desks. Rather than pass the buck when we experience a problem, we come up with potential solutions and think through the best possible outcome before approaching other colleagues and management.
  • Foster a Positive and Caring Work Environment
    We care about each other on staff and enjoy each other’s company. At Rocket Matter, we care about the lives of attorneys in small law firms. We believe their work makes a critical difference in their clients’ lives and protects our constitution. Furthermore, we believe our law firm partners are under tremendous pressure and are not equipped by law schools to know how to run a business.

Legal Practice Mgmt. for Firms of All Sizes

Let us help your company - and grow with it.

Spend more time practicing law, make more money, and minimize busywork with our easy-to-use legal software.

Gain control over your client and case information— and your billing & collections from one easy-to-use platform.

Go Lean with powerful automation & Business Intelligence, and utilize robust billing & permissions customization.

Partner with Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter builds long-term, symbiotic relationships with the greater legal community. We have countless partners around the world who are part of our extended Rocket Matter family.

Bar Association

Rocket Matter is a proud provider of member benefits and educational content for bar associations around the country. We work side by side with them to promote the use of legal technology responsibly through webinars, virtual CLEs, and live events. We also offer our software to our partner bar associations’ members at a discounted rate.

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Law Schools

Rocket Matter understands the critical importance of training law school students on the practical business aspects of running a law firm. For that reason, we provide law school and paralegal students, faculty, and administrators hands-on exposure to our leading practice management software, free of charge.

Discover More About Law School Partnerships >

Rocket Matter Certified Experts

Rocket Matter’s Certified Expert program is perfect for consultants around the world looking to expand their business offerings to include the best in legal technology. You’ll offer new value to your clients and earn significant sales commissions. What’s more, we provide our certified experts with advanced training, marketing assistance, expedited access to our customer support team, and a firsthand look at any new features we plan to launch.

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Trusted by Law Firms Since 2008 for Unparalleled Product & Service


"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

brittany grey

Brittany Grey
The Peterson Law Firm

"Rocket Matter has been excellent for our firm and it allows us to maintain excellent billing practices while maintaining everything in an organized fashion."
peter Cruice

Peter Cruice
Sinsheimer & Associates

About Rocket Matter: How We Reinvented Legal Billing & Law Practice Management Software

Why Make Law Practice Management Software?

Have you ever wanted to learn about the starts of Rocket Matter, the first online legal practice management software?

The idea for an online legal billing and law practice management software came to us in 2006, when a few attorney friends complained to us about the lack of decent law office technology options.

We were in for a shock: back then, there simply wasn’t any online legal practice management software.

Sure, legal billing software existed, but it was cumbersome, frequently expensive, required continuous upgrades, and didn’t provide for all the other things a lawyer needs (e.g. calendar, task management, document assembly).

While the entire business world was moving into the cloud, lawyers were being left behind. In particular, the legal software needs of solo practitioners and small law firms just didn’t appear to be on anyone’s radar.

So Then We Got Started......

We observed our attorney friends in their day-to-day routines to understand their daily challenges. We wrote the first lines of code for our legal software application in January 2007. Then we coded around the clock for a while.

By August, we demonstrated our nascent product to a local law firm, Shiner and Sosin P.A., who decided to give us a try. We delivered “the product” to their office in November 2007, & gained our second & third beta customers over the ensuing months.

We went from literally nothing – just an idea – to a working product installed in a law firm in ten months.

We settled on the name “Rocket Matter” (after more perspiration than inspiration), because we wanted to communicate two things with our brand. First, we wanted to convey that our law office software was blazingly fast, hence we chose “Rocket”. Second, we wanted to speak to the legal vertical, so we chose the word “matter”, which is how attorneys refer to their cases.

We announced Rocket Matter, which at the time was the first online legal billing and law practice management software, in February of 2008. Immediately, the intuitive elegance of the software and the fast performance attracted Mac-using attorneys, and the number of lawyers using our law practice management software on Macs, iPhones® and iPads® grows daily. PC users quickly joined Rocket Matter as well, and now we have a happy community of both Mac and PC-using attorneys.

We Launched our software. Then we had to grow a business.

Over the past several years, we’ve added thousands of lawyers to our community while we’ve continued to improve our legal software, adding major features such as phone messaging, unlimited document storage, trust accounting, document assembly, and most recently, our mobile iPhone® app.

We’ve integrated our online legal software with other popular cloud applications like Dropbox® and Evernote®, and our time and billing component can work well for lawyers using ABA Task Codes or LEDES 98 billing. We made “30-minute monthly billing” a reality.

Rocket Matter is upgraded continuously and the improvements are deployed automatically: no user action required. In addition, our e-books, webinar series, “Wednesday Wisdom” advice and our “Legal Productivity” blog have introduced attorneys to amazing new ways to be more efficient and profitable.

Rocket Matter is now used by thousands of attorneys all over the world, and more join our community each day. Our amazing community of users helps us figure out where to go and how to improve our online legal software with their insightful participation and feedback.

Our corporate headquarters is in Boca Raton, FL. The technical name for our category of service is web-based time and billing and law practice management software. We’d love to talk to you. Please interact with us on Twitter, via Facebook, or email us directly.

Oh, and one last thing. We love our office pets, and so do many of our customers. Take a look at some of the furry companions that work with our customers. They’re so cute!

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