The Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration: Two Powerful Clouds, One Amazing Experience

You're in Outlook and Word all day long. Why not use practice management software designed to work with them?

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Upload Emails into Rocket Matter Directly from Outlook

With our built-in Outlook plugin, Rocket Matter allows you to quickly associate an email with a matter you’re working on.

You can also upload the email – along with the attachments – into our practice management software, allowing you to organize all correspondence, documents, and contact information for a client all in one place!

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Track and add billable time while you work on documents and emails.

Stay on top of all the time you spend drafting and responding!

Run a timer – or simply input your time – while working in on your documents or emails. With the Rocket Matter Office 365 plugin, you’ll never miss another moment of time when you’re in heads down mode.

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Automatically Save Multiple Versions of Your Documents as You Make Changes

Not only can you automatically upload your documents to matters in Rocket Matter, every time you click the save button, you automatically upload a new version of your document to our software.

This amazingly handy feature allows you to go back in time and refer to different versions of your docs, which can be critical when you need to restore a crucial change.

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Sync Your Outlook Calendars and Contacts with Rocket Matter

Track your calendars and contacts as you normally do in Outlook and sync them effortlessly with Rocket Matter. For hourly billers, your Rocket Matter calendar appointments can be funneled automatically to your invoices. No time capture needed!

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"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

brittany grey

Brittany Grey
The Peterson Law Firm

"Rocket Matter has been excellent for our firm and it allows us to maintain excellent billing practices while maintaining everything in an organized fashion."
peter Cruice

Peter Cruice
Sinsheimer & Associates