Our Free Legal Webinar Collection

Rocket Matter has collected all of their free online legal webinars in one location so you can watch them and learn essential legal tips, best practices, and more.

Legal Project Management Demystified—What You Need to Know About this Powerful Tool
Increase Your Law Firm's Bottom Line with Fixed Cost Reduction
Productivity Hacks and Apps for Lawyers
Seven Simple Lessons to Help You Earn More, Pay Less, and Be Awesome
Automate Your Law Firm with Rocket Matter
How to Increase Profits and Stay Organized by Running a Lean Law Firm
How to Leverage LinkedIn to Promote Your Law Firm and Greatly Increase Your Client Base
Legal Webinar- How to Create an Amazing Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm
Legal Webinar- Lean the Hidden Fees of Credit Card Processing
Legal Webinar- How Lawyers Can Make the Most Out of Meditation
Legal Webinar- Accelerate Your Firm's Growth with Your Own Legal Mastermind Group
Legal Webina- How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2018
Legal Webinar- Automate Your Time Tracking and Invoicing with Rocket Matter and Tali
Legal Webinar- Supercharge Your Firm's Productivity and Profitability with Outlook 365 and Practice Management Software
Legal Webinar- Best Billing Practices- How to Make Billing a Breeze and Collect More Money
Legal Webinar- Solving Law Firm Problems with Efficient Processes and Workflows
Legal Webinar- Delivering the Ultimate Law Firm Client Service Experience
Legal Webinar- Cybersecurity 101 for Law Firms
Legal Webinar- Essential Tips for Avoiding Missed Deadlines (and Malpractice Suits!)