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*Prices are quoted for the first user only. For additional users, fees start at $55 each with the same percentage discounts applying. Non-profits and educational institutions receive substantially discounted rates. Please call 1-877-785-8981 for more information.

Are you in a mid or large sized firm?
Learn how Rocket Matter’s powerful functionality meets your specific needs.

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  • Check for conflicts and keep tabs on your contacts

    With Rocket Matter contact management, keeping on top of your clients, referrals, opposing counsels, and everyone you come across is globally accessible across your firm. Each contact is linked to related matters, allowing for instant conflict checking. Better yet, you can access your contacts on the web, through an iPhone or a Android, or your iPad.

  • Store your documents easily and access them from anywhere

    You likely deal with documents as much or more than you deal with clients. Our simple drag-and-drop document management system (DMS) is simple and just works. It allows you to not only upload documents to your Rocket Matter cases, but also add billable time to them while you do so. We also integrate seamlessly with Dropbox, Box, and Evernote.

  • Work anywhere with our remarkable iPad, Android, & iPhone mobile editions

    If you’re like a lot of Rocket Matter lawyers, you use a mobile device more than a computer. Our partners leverage Rocket Matter’s amazing iPad, iPhone & Android editions and don’t miss a beat or billable time entry on the go. Whether you’re at court or at soccer practice, you can easily capture time and expenses, manage your calendar and access your matters.

  • Stay completely organized with our total matter management system

    Imagine having all of your case information neatly organized, in one central location, available for viewing from anywhere at anytime. That’s the advantage Rocket Matter firms have over their competition. Our matter dashboards reveal all of your critical information at a glance in a concise, simple and easy-to-use format.

  • Maintain total control of your cases with our powerful tasks

    Keep your to-do list organized and your practice on track with Rocket Matter’s powerful tasks. You can easily create, track, update and assign tasks to others. You can assign due dates and stay on top of them as deadlines approach. Each task can be associated with a matter - they even feature built-in timers so you can bill while you work on them.

Powerful Integrations with industry-leading tools

  • Synch your Gmail and Google Calendar with Rocket Matter. Better yet, you can add billable time to anything you import.

  • Connect an Evernote notebook to a Rocket Matter case. You’ll then be able to view all of your notes and annotate them with billable time.

  • Associate your Dropbox folders with Rocket Matter cases. You can view all of your documents and add billable time to them.

  • Invoice your clients and invite them to log in to your secure portal. From there, they can pay via credit card or e-Check with Touchsuite support.

  • Link a Box folder with a matter inside Rocket Matter. From there, you download your files and add billable time.

  • Run your invoices in Rocket Matter and synch your data with Quickbooks. You and your accountant will both be happy.