Automate and streamline your legal case management workflow with Matter Templates.

Stuck creating the same tasks and events over and over again for many of your matters? Rocket Matter makes it easy to save time and effort by automating your workflows for you with Matter Templates. Specify a group of tasks, calendar events, and custom data fields for a given matter type. Your pre-defined workflow can be used repeatedly to save you time and make the way you work a whole lot easier.


Fully Customizable

Specify elements such as billing methods, statute of limitations, and unlimited tasks and events. Once your pre-defined templates are deployed, you can customize them even further by changing applicable due dates and tasks as the need arises. Configure your matter templates and reduce your administrative overhead by saving time and effort.

Comprehensive Matter Dashboards

Now that your client relationship is underway and the issue is being handled, you can see what’s happening with the matter at a glance. All of your case’s calendar events, tasks, related contacts, time and billing information, and account balances from a single location, quickly accessible from anywhere in Rocket Matter.
Rocket Matter Matter Templates

Define Relationships

With our advanced customization, you can now pre-define a relationship or contact to your matter without having to repeatedly input information. This can include connecting arresting officers, agencies, family members, guardians, and many others.

Stay on Top of Open Cases

Our Milestone feature allows tasks and events to be triggered based on the completion of another task or event. Creating a task workflow and staying organized has never been easier.