Automate and Streamline Your Legal Case Management Workflow with Matter Templates, Part of Rocket Matter’s Law Firm Software Package

Stuck creating the same tasks and events repeatedly for many of your matters? Rocket Matter’s law firm software makes it easy to save time and effort by automating your workflows with Matter Templates. Create your own parameters for tasks and events and apply them automatically to all your selected new cases. Categorize by matter type, such as family law, personal injury, or criminal defense. Or create and automate your tasks by client or other classification. Your pre-defined workflow makes it simple to keep track of your “to-do” list at all times.

Fully Customizable

Specify crucial elements in your matters such as billing methods, statute of limitations, custom fields, tasks, and events. You can customize your Matter Templates even further by changing applicable due dates and tasks as the need arises. Configure your matter templates and reduce your administrative overhead by saving time and effort.

Comprehensive Matter Dashboards

You should always be able to quickly track and understand your client’s matters at a glance. With Rocket Matter, you can always easily access a matter’s calendar events, tasks, related contacts, time and billing information, and account balances from your matter dashboard.
Rocket Matter Matter legal case management templates

Define Relationships

With our advanced customization, you can make sure you capture critical case-related relationships without having to repeatedly input information. This can include, for instance, arresting officers, agencies, adjusters, family members, or guardians.

Stay on Top of Open Cases

Matter Templates functions like your own virtual checklist. With its Milestone feature, you can automatically trigger new tasks as you complete others, making sure you and your staff keep your matters moving forward. Creating a workflow and staying organized has never been easier.